I have been wearing my Simply Charming necklaces for over a year now. They are great pieces that I wear all the time. Not only are they unique and beautiful, they also have genuine quality.

I have a dog tag necklace, along with a necklace of interchangeable charms. It seems that every time I wear these pieces, someone always inquires about them.

The Bermuda Map Pendant and the Bermuda Moongate Charm are conversation starters as many have never seen a moongate or know what the island of Bermuda looks like. I would highly recommend Simply Charming and will definitely purchase more merchandise from them in the future!&nbp; 

Lauren, USA

My enameled Longtail Pendant is classic and can be worn with anything. So far it's been durable as well. I like that it comes in a tarnish proof pouch, as I have that problem with lots of my silver jewelry.

Very nice!  

Penelope, USA

… the wonderful Bermuda Longtail Pendant! I think it is beautiful and great quality. I have worn it every day since my b'day so it has been through the ringer - shower, work, sleep, exercising… I have had many compliments as well.  

Joanna, USA