Simply Inspiring

Bermuda's legendary and unique
beauty takes many forms…

Pink sand, blue water, white capped houses with kaleidoscopic walls, snowy tropic birds
with sweeping tails. We are endlessly inspired by this beauty that surrounds us
and would like to introduce you to a few iconic favorites.


Bermuda Moongates

Bermuda Moongates are more than simply beautiful... they're magical.

It is said that if a bride and groom step through one on their wedding day, they will have good luck.

Modified from a Chinese design, the first moongate appeared in Bermuda in the 1860's. Today you'll find these arching stone structures in public and private places across the island.

The Simply Charming Moongate Charm is part of our Bermuda Classics line.


Bermuda Shorts

A Bermudian man in a proper pair of Bermuda shorts with a proper knee sock and a blazer is a properly dressed Bermudian man.

Bermuda Shorts are the perfect style combination of both business and leisure. Bermudians are so attached to their shorts that they've even been known to wear them during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. On island, they are most commonly seen during the warm summer months.

Worn as a pendant or charm, Simply Charming is pleased to offer Bermuda Shorts in five fashionable colours as part of our Bermuda Classics line.


Scooters offer an easy breezy mode of transportation. Bermudians' long-term love affair with scooters is undeniable...

There is no better way to see the island!

These sturdy little adventurers are at the heart of many Bermuda memories. The Scooter Charm is part of our Bermuda Classics line.

St. David's Lighthouse

The St. David's Lighthouse has been operational since 1879. Built of stone it stretches 55 feet to the 30,000 candle power lantern. Sitting atop a hill, its total height is 208 feet above sea level.

The St. David's Lighthouse Pendant is part of our Bermuda Classics line.

Whistling Tree Frog

Until you actually meet a Whistling Tree Frog, it's impossible to imagine their size given their volume.

The whistling is done by the males in an attempt to attract females. This romantic ruckus is much loved by locals and visitors alike.

The Whistling Tree Frog Pendant and Charm are part of our Bermuda Classics line.


Bermuda's beautiful harbinger of spring is known locally as the Longtail.

Two long central tail feathers present on adults give the bird an unparalleled beauty in flight and account for its nickname.

While also found in parts of the Caribbean and the South American coast, Bermuda's 2500 to 3000 breeding pairs represent half the species.

Longtail Pendants are part of our Bermuda Classics line.

Bermuda Onion

No matter what anyone else tells you, a real Bermuda Onion is a bulb-shaped onion that is grown in Bermuda from Spring to Summer.

Bermudians refer to a person who is born and raised on the island as on onion.

Bermuda Onion Pendants are part of our Bermuda Classics line.