Made In England

Every piece of Simply Charming jewellery is crafted in the world famous jewellery quarter of Birmingham, England, and every piece is made of Brittania silver.


While all Simply Charming jewellery is made of the same materials, each piece may carry one to four hallmarks depending on what the design of the piece allows.

958 means all charms and pendants are 95.8% pure Britannia silver.

SC is the unique hallmark symbol for Simply Charming Limited only.

The Anchor depicts the location of the Assay Hallmark Office. The Assay Hallmark Office for Simply Charming is located in Birmingham, England.

The Lady with staff depicts that the pendant or charm is made using Britannia silver.

Italian Chains

All Simply Charming sterling silver chains are manufactured in the Tuscany Region of Italy. Crafted with precision, Italian chains are known for their luster and radiance.

Styles chosen for the Simply Charming line pair beauitfully with our charms and pendants.